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 Sedgley is one of the ancient manors of  Dudley. It originally consisted of the villages of Sedgley, Over and Nether Gornal, Coseley, Gospel End, Woodsetton, Cotwall End, Ettingshall and Brierley and included Dudley Castle within its boundaries.

Sedgley itself has a rich history - it was, for example, the first place to manufacture steel pen nibs and it once hosted the world’s largest and most productive coal mine. Gornal was for many years the centre of local nail-making as well as being particularly famous for its salt sellers and ‘white’ sand.

In many ways the heart of Coseley was ripped out of it when it was split between the boroughs of Dudley and Wolverhampton. Its two largest employers - Bilston Steelworks and Cannon Industries - have long since disappeared but the resilience of the local community still shines through.

Although they all share the same heritage Sedgley, Gornal and Coseley all have very different characters. Sedgley still has a bustling shopping centre and a lively entertainment scene with bars and restaurants in plentiful supply.

Gornal can boast three “neighbourhood shopping centres” in Gornal Wood village, at Five Ways and in Upper Gornal’s Kent Street. Coseley is undergoing something of a renaissance at the moment. Whilst all the heavy industry which made it such an important centre in the past has long since gone there are a number of projects in the planning stages that could well breath new life into the area.

Tipton is now firmly embedded into the Borough of Sandwell but it still retains a lot of its own character. As well as the shopping area around Owen Street, the historic centre of Tipton, there are also centres in Great Bridge and Princes End. Over the years the amount of industry in the area has diminished dramatically and many of the old factories and industrial estates have been demolished and given way to large housing estates.

In addition to distributing to households throughout the area, each month copies of VILLAGE VOICE are left at the libraries and health centres in Sedgley, Gornal, Coseley and Tipton plus many of our regular advertisers also have copies available.

We are always interested in receiving suggestions for editorial features - just drop us a line, give us a call or send us an email. Similarly if you have any old interesting photographs of the area please get in touch.

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