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Over the years a number of personalities, politicians, musicians and other people of note have been caught taking a sneak look at VILLAGE VOICE. Here we feature just a few of them:

VILLAGE VOICE was pleased to play a part in the campaign Chris Packham, the well-known naturalist and broadcaster, spearheaded to highlight the slaughter of many thousands of migratory birds on Malta. “I met Chris and Gail from Village Voice out in the Gambia last year and explained how I was going to campaign against the continued illegal slaughter of many rare birds every year by the Maltese. They immediately agreed to support my efforts and, sure to their word, they gave the campaign some great publicity. It is so good to see that a community magazine can find space to promote something like this whilst still keeping a focus on local affairs. I shall be continuing the campaign in 2015 and, hopefully VILLAGE VOICE readers will be able to keep up to date with it again.”      

We bumped into Eric Knowles, antiques expert from “Antiques Roadshow” at an event recently and soon we were talking about the glass industry in Wordsley and Stourbridge. Later talk turned to VILLAGE VOICE and he was keen to see copies - so we were only too happy to oblige. As it happened we picked out a copy that showed a fabulous piece of modern glass from the Ruskin Centre at Amblecote. “I must admit” he said “It’s wonderful to see a publication like this that not only pays homage to some of the fantastic heritage of the area but also features some of the best work that is still being produced locally. There is so much talent in the Black Country that it deserved to be highlighted.  And the fact that the magazine has maintained such a high standard over the years is truly remarkable. It is all too easy to  Keep up the good work!”

Local MP  Ian Austin has long been an avid reader of VILLAGE VOICE. He is a local lad who was a councillor on Dudley Council before moving to London to work for the Labour Party. In the last Labour Government he also had the position of Minister for the West Midlands.

“Dudley in general - and Sedgley, Gornal and Coseley in particular - are absolutely full of fascinating historical facts and VILLAGE VOICE does a wonderful job in presenting them in a readable and thoroughly enjoyable way. I am always pleased when a copy drops through my letterbox - and I read it from cover to cover” he explained. “Congratulations on a great magazine - I just can’t believe that it’s now been going for 10 years.”

It’s not just local people who read VILLAGE VOICE - celebrity chef James Martin picked up a copy at a show recently - and promptly read it from cover to cover. “I knew nothing about the Black Country - apart from the fact that they produce some of the best faggots and baltis in the country - but now I realise not only what a proud history the area has but also have vibrant it is. I think that magazines like VILLAGE VOICE are so important - they are written by local people for local people….and read by local people. The variety of supporting advertisements from local companies to multi-nationals is particulerly impressive. Those behind this magazine should be congratulated and I hope that it continues for many years to come. And that’s despite the fact they don’t seem to have a cookery page. Shame on them!”

More “Look whose reading…”

As well as being distributed widely throughout the Black Country and South Staffordshire every month copies of VILLAGE VOICE find their way to countries around the world. We are aware that copies of the magazine are regularly sent to Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Holland, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and the USA.