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There is no doubt that Roy Wood is one the region’s best known and loved musicians - from his days with the Move through to Wizzard he has written and performed a wide range of hits from “Flowers In the Rain” (the first song played on Radio 1) to “See My Baby Jive” and, of course, “I wish it could be Christmas Every Day”. He picked up a couple of copies of VILLAGE VOICE at the Robin R’n’B Club in Bilston when he performed there recently. “I’m really pleased to see that there is a commitment to live music in the magazine” he said. “Over the years the number of outlets for live music has reduced dramatically and we need to preserve those that still exist and it is important that we recognise that they have a vital role not only giving our youngsters a place to play but also us dinosaurs as well!. Well done VILLAGE VOICE.”

Sadly no longer with us, popular Black Country comedian Tommy Mundon was another celebrity caught by our camera reading a copy of VILLAGE VOICE.

Tommy, who originally hailed from Halesowen, picked up a couple of copies of the magazine shortly before one of his many local appearances. “I used to see the Stour Valley edition but I didn’t realise that there were other editions covering other parts of Dudley and even deepest, darkest Wombourne” explained Tommy. “ I particularly like the historical features. In fact some of my jokes are so old they could probably qualify to go in a future issue! There is absolutely no doubt that VILLAGE VOICE is a great little magazine and a great credit to those involved in producing it. In fact it’s bostin!”.

Gavin Williamson MP, the current Member of Parliament for South Staffordshire, is another keen reader of the magazine. “My constituency covers an especially wide area and VILLAGE VOICE covers the southern-most part really well. I only wish that they would introduce an equivalent edition for the rest of my area!”

We bumped into Nick Owen, presenter on BBC Midlands Today and Chairman of Luton Town FC when he opened the annual Tree of Remembrance at the headquarters of Wombourne Funeral Services in Wombourne. Nick is, of course, well-known not only for his work with the BBC but also for his time with TV-am where he was part of that double-act Nick and Anne (Diamond). “The West Midlands - and in particular the Black Country - is a fascinating area” he explained. “And anything that highlights its history and culture has got to be good in my book. I believe that publications like VILLAGE VOICE are important because they not only reflect the  ”

Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, has been a regular visitor to the Black Country over the past couple of years and whenever he comes to the Black Country he invariably picks up the latest copy of VILLAGE VOICE. “It’s good to see a magazine that is dedicated to local news and history - and in particular one that isn’t afraid to highlight some of the excesses of our local councils. Good on you - keep it up!”

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